Meet the Team

Allison Park | Author

Allison Park, M.A.Ed., is a culturally-responsive educator and proud mom to Superhero Zach. For years, she has dedicated herself to working with diverse and marginalized communities in the Northeast. Through her advocacy both as a teacher and a parent, Allison seeks to empower families to be the primary teachers and nurturers of their own children. She resides in the Northeast with her husband, son Super Zach, and two amazing dogs.

Kim DeVera | Illustrator

Living in Las Vegas, Kim DeVera started on her art journey after she looked around and decided she didn't want to clean her house. She fell in love with watercolors and has been dedicating the last few years learning about art and all its aspects. As a person on the Spectrum and a mother of one, she was very inspired by this project and hopes it will lead to more people doing things to help those on the Spectrum feel represented.

BluePath Hopper | Superhero Dog

BluePath Service Dogs, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2016 to provide Autism service dogs, offering safety, companionship, and opportunities for independence. The organization transforms lives by providing families with expanded opportunities to unlock life’s potential. BluePath relies on the generosity of donors and volunteers to fulfill its mission.