"Z is for Superhero" is here! 💥

"An uplifting story of hope and triumph..."

Lisa Leshaw (Author, "How Are You Feeling, Momma?")

Meet Zach, Your New Favorite Superhero

How did Zach become a superhero?

Everyone can be a superhero... sometimes, we just need a little help to see it! Our differences are what make us special and as one boy is about to learn, they are what make him INCREDIBLE!

Take a journey with Zach, an Asian American superhero on the Autism Spectrum who sees the world for how bright and beautiful it really is!

From The Author

Writing this book was a huge passion project for me. It was conceived during a time in our lives of great loneliness and isolation, before having a community that loved and celebrated Zach for the beautiful person he is.

I wrote this book because I wanted to give Zach a voice, and to show the reader the childlike wonder of the world through his eyes.

And I wrote this book to be a beacon of hope for anyone reading it-- a humble reminder that even the most beautiful things can be born from a place of despair.

Thank you for taking this incredible journey with us!

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